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Financial Services, Inc.

                                               191 Naco Perrin Blvd.

                                            San Antonio, TX 78217

                                                       P: 210-369-4424

                                                      F: 210-519-2775

Preparacion de Impuestos / Income Tax

Tier 1

Up to two sources of income. No dependants. No adjustments to income


Tier 2

Up to four sources of Income. Dependents, No adjustments to Income


Tier 3

Up to four sources of income. Dependents, Credits , No adjustments to Income


Tier 4

Any number of sources of Income. Dependents, Credits, Adjustments to Income.


Tier 5

 w-2's + Self Employment Income. Sch C. Dependents and credits


Tier 6

Any Other complexity included Rental Income, Sch C , Sch K-1, Dividends, Int, etc


Any State Return ... Please Add $35.00